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Bride Visa for Russian and Ukrainian Women or How to Bring a Wife to Your Country

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Searching for a spouse from other countries, prior or later you will confront the topic of bringing your bride to your country. This article will discuss some crucial info that you have to know about visa regulations of the USA. A lot of other countries (most of them) have comparable regulations, so even if you're not from US, all the information below would be still useful.

So for «shipping» your bride to your country you will require a specific type of visa for her. In the US, they have a Fiancee visa accessible for those whose end goal would be marriage (K1 visa). There is no other visa accessible in the US that will allow you to marry a foreigner.

Different sorts of visas for a Russian fiancee (student, business or tourist visas) are not suitable if a main purpose is marriage. On the off chance that you wed your sweetheart while she's using one of those visas, her lawful status in the US will be doubtful, and she may be denied perpetual occupation status on the premise of visa dishonesty if the authorities trust her point of going to US was essentially for wedding an American citizen. When an infringement of visa regulation is recorded, it will be troublesome if not inconceivable for the individual to ever get a K1 visa or whatever other sort of visa to the US.

What are the requisition for a bride visa?

1. You must be a citizen of the US.

2. You have met your future wife during the past two years. *

3. Both you and your girlfriend are legitimately allowed to wed.

4. You have a certain level of income. *

5. Your bride does not have any criminal records.

6. Your bride has not infringed certain US laws of immigration.

* There are exemptions accessible to these requisitions.

If you still wonder if there's any chance that your bride can enter the US using a guest visa to fulfill the individual meeting requisition depicted previously, we got an answer below.

On the off chance that she is from a «third world country» or from the country that was part of a Soviet Union, she won't have the capacity to legitimately get a guest visa to the US. On the off chance that she is from, for example, Canada, England, Australia, etc., she will have the capacity to enter the US on either a guest or waiver visas. On the other hand, she must come back to her own country to get a bride visa if you are planning to wed her.

Bride visa processing

The duration differs and always showing signs of change, relying upon the range of the US in which you dwell and your bride's country, where she dwells, however, most of the time it ought not surpass 4 months if the application is taken care of accurately. The «mysteries» of the duration are to guarantee that the bride visa appeal is impeccable when it is submitted, and that you or your lawyer screen the case as it techniques through the bureaucratic framework. In the event that you have a lawyer, he/she must have the experience important to tackle any issues that may pop up with either authorities or the embassy. Sadly, issues do happen actually when the appeal is great. Remember that the officers of those authorities are enormously exhausted or might be even not that well prepared. An issue at the embassy can postpone your request for six months or even more. On the off chance that such a deferral happens, you need to have somebody speaking to you who recognizes what to do and how to keep the postponement on minimum base.

Bride Visa for Russian and Ukrainian Women or How to Bring a Wife to Your Country

If bride visa was rejected

In the event that you and your bride are authentic and meet the requisitions, this ought not happen. But if you still faced this issue, you can use your lawyer's advices and experience to claim for visa's reconsideration.

There are a few ways you can deal with the bride visa process:

1. You can endeavor to handle the paperwork all alone.

You and your bride will collect and work on all documents required for visa and send them to the embassy.

2. You can use special services that will deal with all this instead of you.

Thusly, you employ some person to work with paperwork for you and your bride send them to the embassy, and sit tight for the outcomes. This is likely the slightest attractive system.

3. You can enlist a lawyer that has experience in immigration cases.

In spite of the fact that this is the more costly of all three options, in the event that you need your bride to live with you in the US with velocity and sureness and with the slightest measure of bothers, postponements, examinations or disavowals, this is absolutely the best approach.

P.S. Use these tips to make sure that you and your future wife can live happily in your country.

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