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How to Get Married in Russia and Ukraine if You are a Foreign Citizen

«Russian brides» are very popular among foreigners. The fact that Slavic women are very beautiful, smart and perfect in householding makes men from all over the World very excited. And most of these men are getting very serious with the idea of having a Russian or Ukrainian wife.

Today we decided to help men with a few tips on this matter. Specifically on how they can arrange a marriage with «Russian brides».

Before you think about marriage, you should find a bride. So how to find a right Slavic woman, who is just for you, if you live somewhere in the US or EU? Of course, there's tons of options, but the best would be still online dating. Using an online dating site to find a bride from overseas, make sure you're using trustworthy services like, not some scam website, where they just want to get some benefit from you.

So first thing done. You found your true love and now you want to marry her. How you can arrange a marriage and where it would be easier to proceed?

Well, here you have not that many options:

  • Get married in Ukraine or Russia
  • Get married in your country
  • Get married in the country that has nothing to do with you or your fiancee
All three options have their fails and benefits. So make sure you are aware of all pitfalls that may occur.

How to Get Married in Russia and Ukraine if You are a Foreign Citizen

Marriage in Ukraine or Russia

If you decided to get married in your bride's country you have to be ready to:

• Prepare the proof that you are not married back in your country (it has to be an official document confirming that you are single and legitimate to marry)

• Have passport and visa (if required; basically any document that proves that you've crossed the borders of the country legally; or have a residence permit)

* Make sure that all documents are translated to Russian or Ukrainian (accordingly) and all notarized.

Marriage in your country

If you decided to bring your bride to your country to wed her, that would be a bit troublesome. As women from countries of the former Soviet Union require visa. And not just visa, but a bride visa, that will allow them to get married on the territory of your country. If you're from US your bride has to apply for a K1 visa. And with that type of visa you get more work to be done. The whole process can take from 3 to 12 months. But nobody says that it's impossible, since so many people managed to marry foreigners.

Marriage in other countries

If you're from US and your bride from Ukraine (for example) and you both decided to arrange your wedding in Italy or Shri Lanka, that's a whole different story. In this case, you both have to make sure that your marriage would be legitimate in your countries. Since it's really hard to get the precise information online or even in an embassy, you can consider hiring a professional attorney, that has experience in such a case, and will help you during all the paperwork process.

P.S. Remember, it doesn't matter where you get married, if you both love each other, as love doesn't have borders, and it doesn't require visas and passports.

Use our tips to arrange your perfect wedding with your true love.

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