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Russian dating websites with the best looking women for your choice!

Let’s consider the process of getting your beautiful lady from the Russian dating site step-by-step.

  1. First of all you’ll need to pick an online dating service with the solid reputation (you may verify it, based on references of the real men (members)). Some of websites offer a memberships system, where you need to pay your monthly fee to get an access to the profiles and Russian women photos. But there is a more convenient system of credits, where you are “buying” the right to contact and communicate with the chosen lady, without being forced to pick up girls in rush until your membership expires.


  1. After registering at the Russian dating resource you get the full freedom to watch women’s profiles with the photos, analyze and choose those who seem the best match for you. Read attentively, you can get a lot of information about the girl, based on her description of herself and reading between the lines.
  1. Send her the first letter of introduction, making it personalized. It’s very important to not to let your lady suspect that she is not only the one whom you decided to send a letter. That’s why letter should refer to her profile and to some specific things she mentioned.
    Tell her that you like her hobbies, or you admire of her blue/green eyes or you also fond of Asian cuisine, etc.


  1.  We do not advise you to pick the girls based on pictures of Russian women solely. Of course, beauty is important, but it is not everything for sure. Inner beauty and the character is what you will live with being married to your lady. So, before sending a letter to her read what are her life values, her expectations about the future partner, her preferences, education, her willingness to work, etc.
  1. Learn some basic Russian phrases to receive her loyalty within the first minutes. All Russian ladies, whatever the age are extremely proud or their origin and you’ll instantly place yourself above hundreds of her pan pals by sending her greetings and compliments in Russian (like “Privet, kak dela? (Hello, how are you doing) ” Or “Ty ochen krasivaya” (you are very beautiful). 

Russian dating websites with the best looking women for your choice!

  1. If you are searching for Russian ladies for marriage rather than for entertainment and short online romance, it would be nice to send her a bouquet of flowers or a little present (souvenir, sweets, card, etc). This sign of attention will be taken as an evidence of your serious intentions and will be awarded by additional loyalty from her side.
  1. Talk with her and show her you are deeply interested in getting to know her. Russian women at dating sites barely react on ordinary compliments which they got used to. Distinguish yourself by talking to her about the family, her life views, nature, hobbies, etc. Be different and play in the upper league.


Normally, it will take up to two-three month of communication until she’ll agree to meet in real life. Be patient, smart, sincere and you’ll melt the heart of the beauty from the far cold Russia.

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Main -> Russian Brides Blog -> Russian dating websites with the best looking women for your choice!

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