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Why Ukrainian and Russian Women seeking men for love abroad?

Nowadays the question of international dating and marriage is considered to be popular in different developing countries. People create there own profiles on different online web sites like RBrides to make this process easier. Ukraine and Russia are, particularly, the most common countries for the following phenomenon.

There are different reasons why Ukrainian and Russian women are seeking husbands in western countries. First of all, there is a claim that local men do not give them everything the western men give. It is mostly about emotions, happy marriage, travelling and money, of course. The majority of Ukrainian and Russian women are married unhappily to the local men and think that it will be better to find someone different from the other countries.

The most significant aspect for the seeking men for love abroad is economic situation, of course. Most of Ukrainian and Russian women do not want to work, but want to live in comfortable place with everything they need for life. In such countries, as Ukraine and Russia, during the last couple of years the situation in the country is unstable. For example, local enterprises become bankrupts; government cannot provide all the necessary resources to lead the country. As a result, country does not provide social packages and security for citizens and women as well. Families decide to wait with children until the situation becomes better. Women start thinking about marriage with the western men who have a good income and possibility to have a big family.

The other question is about the relationships between man and woman. Traditionally, in Ukraine and Russia women think that western man helps with children and house more, than Ukrainian and Russian men. Basically, western men invest more in family and relationships, have more time and desire for emotional relationships and social life. Such position is perfect for women from Ukraine and Russia.

Why Ukrainian and Russian Women seeking men for love abroad?

There are different women who search for the different criteria when seeking their love. Nevertheless, there are two important criteria, which are common for more than 95% of Ukrainian and Russian women:

1) The desire to find a man with a stable job and good income. Most of western men are thinking a lot about their career. This is, probably, one of the reasons why Ukrainian and Russian women decide to move out from the country. Local men are lazy and do not try their best to provide everything for family and wife;

2) The desire to create a happy family. Besides the general negative situation with country’s economy, politics and social life, women want to get married and have children. Considering this situation, they are seeking for men who look in the same direction and want to do the same.

Happy marriage and high security for the children are considered to be the most important factors for Ukrainian and Russian women. Maybe, these reasons are not countable enough, nevertheless, they create the demand and desire of women to change their lives and seek for the men of dreams who would be able to create the best life with love all around.

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Main -> Russian Brides Blog -> Why Ukrainian and Russian Women seeking men for love abroad?

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