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Perm is the largest city in the Prikamye area, the centre of the Perm Region.
The city is situated on the Kama River, in the geographical zone called " Vyatsko - Kamskaya taiga". From the point of view of economic geography , Perm is an organic part of the Urals economic region.The Kama is the fourth longest river in Europe. It is 1,805 km in length.

The history of Perm is rather interesting. The city owes its existence to V.N.Tatishchev (1686-1750),who is believed to be the founder of Perm. He was a well-know figure of his time,a comrade-in-arms of Peter the Great. Tatishchev was an outstanding mining engineer, a historian and a geographer.
In 1723 it was he who planned and supervised the construction of the Yegoshikhinsky Cooper Works and founded a factory settlement near the small river Yegoshikha ( or: Yagoshikha ),a tributary of the Kama.This marked the beginning of city's existence ( the works was closed in 1788).The new town was named "Perm" ( the word is of Ugro-Finnic origin) and became the principal town of Perm's provice in compliance with Catherine II's decree of November 20,1780. But as long ago as 1692 the village of Bryukhanovka situated on the Yagoshikha was officially registered. It can be called " the original mother " of Perm.
Perm city is an impotant river port. Passenger motor- vessels, cardo boats and barges come to Perm from five seas.The Kama River embankment near the river - boat station is one of the most picturesque spots. The city is surrounded by beautiful pine forests.

Perm's climate is continental. The Kama water reservoir (the Kama Sea) makes it rather damp. The mean temprature in January is about minus 15'C and in July 18'C above zero. Humidity is often above 80 percent.
Perm has an area of 720 sq km. The city stretches along the Kama for 65 km. In the Commonwealth of Independent States Perm is second in size only to Moscow and Kiev. Its population is over 1,100,000. The bensity of the population is the lowest among the megacities. The city is divided into seven districts: Leninsky,Sverdlovsky, Dzerzhinsky, Motovilikhinsky, Industrialny, Ordzhonikidzevsky and Kirovsky.
The river - boat station, Perm I and Perm II railway stations, Bolshoye Savino and Bakharevka airports are the city's "gates". Perm is one of the big industrial, scientific and cultural centres of our country.

The city is heavily industrialized.There are epproximately 80 plants and factories in Perm,which include those belonging to the folowing industries: aircraft, electrical,chemical, oil-processing, timber and engineering.
Perm's industries produce good of a high standard such as aircaft engines, electrical appliances, super-high-voltage cables.There is a great demand for Perm telephones,bicycles,"Druzhba"(Friendship),"Ural"(the Urals) and "Taiga" motorsaws and metal thermoses both in country and abroad.
Perm's enterprises export their produce to dozens of countries.
International exhibitions have recently begun to be staged at the Business Center of the Permcombank (Perm Commercial Bank).About ten joint enterprises involving foreign firms have been set up. Great hopes are pinned on them.One of the most promissing joint ventures is the "Telur" Russian-Spanish enterprise specializing in talephone sets.

Home -> Help -> Info Center -> Perm
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