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7 myths about Russian Brides Dating

Some people sure that internet dating gives opportunity to meet the real love. Some thought it nonsense. Another believes it as a mean to make money.
But is it really so? And who is right? Let`s see.

Here, we find the top of the most popular peoples believes about Russian brides dating.

1. I don`t need help to acquaint with the woman. I can do it by myself!
Absolutely no! It`s very hard to find women you will really enjoy, a lady of your dreams. It`s hard to find the right place, time and mood. That`s why you need to use all possible occasions. An internet - is a good chance too. Moreover, search in internet don`t suppose you will stop looking for women in your country or place. Try everywhere and you`ll find!

2. Internet dates aren`t safe.
Absolutely no! It is as safe, as acquaintances in bars, restaurants, friends meetings. Meet a person you don`t know about her anything, like in internet. The difference - is that in bar you can`t ask some personal questions. She can think you nuts! In internet - you can ask about almost everything and don`t get into an awkward situation. There is one more rule on how to protect yourself - don`t give address or phone number. Only, when you knew person better, you can give contact information.

3. Internet dates it`s for looser!
Absolutely No! Who is he - an internet dater? Statistics say, that he`s for about 35-45 year old, broad-minded person, with a good income. Think about it!
Internet dates it`s not for looser! It`s for people who works a lot and don`t have time on bars and parties. It`s for a man looking for stable relationships.

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7 myths about Russian Brides Dating

4. On internet sites there are only whores!
Not true at all! It depends on site. There are some special-purpose sites where you can find a prostitute for hour or night. It`s relations for the money, here you can buy any woman you like. But most date sites destination - is dating with the ordinary people like you and me. Study your internet girlfriend profile better, it will help to choose the right one.

5. Young woman is looking for experienced, solid, aged man.
Not really so! Most of them searching for peers or 3-6 years older. To get marry, have children - it`s the best decision. But, of course, there is small category of woman, who likes man much elder than they are. That`s why, if you are aged person, here, on internet date sites, you have much more opportunities to find the one you need.

6. All Russian women dreams to leave Russia and live abroad!
Absolutely No! Today, Russian women become more independent and self-confident. They earn their livelihood, make career, and travel a lot. A man, standing next to her, should be also self-sufficient, broad-minded person, with a good income. And no matter what citizenship or color of skin he has. No matter where to live, important thing - is to live with the person you love.
To say more, foreigners prefer to move in Russia, now. Because of the good economic and social opportunities it can give.

And the last myth, but not the least.

7. Internet date membership is too expensive!
Not true! When you go to the bar or restaurant, you have to spend amount of money there for coffee or diner with the wine. And you have no guarantee you`ll meet a woman you like, here. Internet date sites guarantee that, here, you will choose woman or hundred of women you like, for a little fee! It`s upon you to count!

As we consider, internet date myths - is just a myth! The truth is that internet gives us a lot of chances to meet new good people and we should use it!

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