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All you need is love

"I may be able to speak the languages of human beings and even of angels,
but if I have no love, my speech is no more than a noisy gong or a clanging bell".
St. Pavel apostle

What is love? A feeling that is given by God or someone else, for having an opportunity to see the world as it is - in all its bright colors.

Love is a present that can be given every single day you live. It can happen anywhere, anytime - on the internet, in a subway, while walking on a street, or seeing a beautiful face from across the road...

Falling in love means you are attracted to the person physically and mentally. She has a great sense of humor, is affectionate, romantic, and a fabulous lover. Your new partner does all the right things; you are excited and overwhelmed by a desire to get to know this person better: from her likes and dislikes to the life experiences. You want to kiss, touch, hug, and make love with her.

Love - is a wonderful feeling, it`s like rose-colored spectacles. When you put it on, you see sunshine, rainbow, flowers, and good people around you. Your mood is on top, everything is great, and any trouble can`t change that. But just take it off, and world will show you grey colors, mud, violence and angry people.

Why is that?

Answer is obvious. Love, as a feeling, gives you other unique feelings. It begins with deep passion, romance. It`s euphoria! You become warm, excited, happy, flustered, confused, and wild - the type that makes feel, that nothing in this world matters, with the exception of our beloved.

Love makes us natural, as we are. It makes us better, skinny. It enters the heart and leaves at will, brings new possibilities, which can make our existence richer.
Life is ordinary with out that feeling. It`s routine. The feeling of loneliness, void inside us, can make unhappy, irritable or even depressed. It ruins men from inside: mentally and physically.

all you need is love
All you need is love

I hear somewhere that love comes in three flavors. There is physical love (please don`t confused with the sinful lust you see on television), spiritual love (like we have for God or animals) and plutonic love (also called friendship).

Each period of your life associates with a kind of love. First you adore your mom, then respect friends and after - fall in love with a woman.

Every person should feel all 3 loves. It`s normal. Only in that way he might think himself an absolute person: sympathetic, intelligent, with a great individuality - desirable by many people that belong to the opposite gender.

All you need is love - it`s The Beatles song. It is our reality. We do need love.
To say and to hear the words "I love you" - is the mission of our lives, which should be completed!

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