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Are Western guys better than Russian?

A Russian bride and a Western groom got married and live happily, that is the phrase that we hear the last days more often.Lets try to find out why it happens and what are the reasons of such international marriages.The main reason is that Russian men are not good husbands and that forces Russian women to start searching their beloved abroad. Many good Russian girls dream to marry a good man and no matter where he is from.However many Russian men don't have good personalities and don't become good husbands also. Many Russian guys don't devote time to their homes, wifes and kids, instead of it they like to drink and have fun out of the house. Sometimes and more often in alcoholic state they can hit their wifes and bring and emotional and physical damages to their women and kids.Drinking is the main reason of inability for working for Russian men and this way it gets impossible to keep the family.

Another reason for starting a family with a foreigner is that many Russian women feel themeselves very good with the men who older them, and that happens because they want to feel save and protected.Men who are older have the same high family values and do also want a family, moreover they are not against of women with kids. For Russian men it is almost impossible to take women who have already kids, it happens because they are afraid of responsibility and fear of their inability to support a family.So there are millions of single Russian women who want to start a family with Western men. All women want to find men who will take care of them and treat them with respect,they want healthy relationships and full family, they don't want to live with the main problem of all Russian men that is drinking. And it should be mentioned that Western men are more oriented on creation family and they are more caring. At the same time they are responsible and can take better decisions. These are the main qualities that most of Russian men don't have.

But moreover Western men are good lovers,here we have some interesting facts and statistics about their sexual life and attitude to it.For example French men they have a unique charm and can fascinate by their attention to women. The bring cosiness in relationships. American men are friendly and loves to flirt and have sex, they seems to be very delicate in sexual questions because this plays an important role in their lives.If they have some troubles about it, its normal for them to advice with friends without any uneasiness.

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Are Western guys better than Russian?

Arabic men are very family oriented and moreover they love to indulge their women with luxurious jewelries or gold, they also dream to have a lot of sons. It goes without saying that they are very passionate, because they have it in their blood.Italian men are also very passionate and as the statistics show even more then Arabic men, they love the sexual side of relationships and pay much attention to their beloved,they are caring and can make a woman feel feminine and desired.Sometimes it happens that you do know each other and already met, but you both don't know the language that can help you to express your feelings and attraction to each other. But no matter nationalities and language barrier you should not be afraid of any difficulties,you just have to know that love does not need any signs, it is your feelings and for sure you can understand each other even without words.

Just know that all Russian women are looking for men who can be respectful, attentive and caring to their beloved, and in the majority of Western men are looking for the same, that is why it is worth to search and try to find your second half overseas!

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Main -> Russian Brides Journal -> Are Western guys better than Russian?

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