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Moscow girls VS Russian provincial women. Which to prefer?

Have you ever noticed the difference between the inhabitants of province and the city? Does your province girl differ from metropolitan? In what aspects?

Let`s have a look at the definition of the word "province". The Shorter Oxford Dictionary defines "province" as referring to "parts of a country outside the capital". Dr Johnson's dictionary describes "provincial" as "rude; unpolished". Who`s right?

Russia, there is a great difference between capital, city, town and country inhabitants. There is a great abyss between provincial and metropolitan girls. But here, we define metropolitan girls - as inhabitants of capitals and big cities, like Moscow, St. Petersburg. Provincial - as all the others.

As you know, the main difference between small towns and big cities is society, and the relationships inside it. The benefit of a small town is the sense of community, more communal attitude. Everybody knows each other, knows the living, habits. The best theme to talk about is gossips: who is pregnant, who drinks a lot or plays cards.

That is why people care what the neighbors can say or think about their daughters and bred them in strict morals or even restrictions.

That`s why provincial girls are more old fashioned, traditionalists, religious, family-oriented. The main goal for women here - is to get married, give birth to children, to keep house. She needs to be modest, to be faithful to husband, to be good cooker.

They haven`t seen life, as it is, and that`s why they are stays emotionally "clean", so called "tabula rasa": native, trustful, persons of ready sympathy, loyal and understanding. Such women are true, real in their emotions, in love and hate.

At the same time, they are capable of great endurance, energetic and one of their main characteristics is - adaptability. The adaptability to hard living and working conditions, financial terms. They know the value of money, generally, thrifty. Always has a family stash on dirty deed.

Provincial girls are keener on family relationships, children, love and friendship, than education. That is why, sometimes, there is lack of education, erudition and knowledge. But, as Tolstoy said, such type of woman has, so called "domestic wit". It means they knew how to be a good wife, what a man wants and try to satisfy and please them in endearment, cooking or whatever. They are cunning and adaptable.

Provincial woman, came living in big cities, are more ambitious, than their country sisters. They are more focused on finding a well-paid job, purchasing a dwelling, about financial security and independence. Career became the main target, like metropolitan girl`s way of life.

Generally speaking, you have a greater ability to succeed in city and "city life" provides a well-rounded experience, but less spirit. More attention to appearance and moneymaking, than to spiritual filling. It gives more freedom, opportunities for self-expression, creativity.

City girls are keen on career; work hard to achieve acknowledgement, money and status. They are well-educated, intelligent, and well-read persons, with the same demands for the man - social status, money, property. To get marry, have a baby - is the next goal.

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Moscow girls VS Russian provincial women. Which to prefer?

They aren`t very spiritual, because of the different society values. More over, we can mention free tempers in attitude to family life, respect to elder people.

It`s another sort of woman. Metropolitan girls are arrogant and overbearing. They like to spend money on entertainment, traveling, luxurious clothes, gold. They love themselves, like to be glamour, "well-groomed". Really want to be beautiful and attractive for men. That`s why they are trying to be sensual and attentive to fashion trends, visits the stylists. To be foxy, to keep fit - they go to gym, keeps on a diet.

City woman are different. But it`s not mean - bad. Every woman is good at her sense.

Also, remember that we, only, define some features. The whole image depends on a person. And all we are of various kinds.

Russian woman, no matter province or city inhabitant, always was an example of beauty, slenderness, kindness and self-sacrifice. It`s a kind of woman that is always in fashion. Because, human qualities and spirit is always on the agenda.

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