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Make sure to make pictures if you want to remember Russian celebrations!

If you are open to the world around you, you will be surprised to learn about the wonders this world is full of and certainly Russia is one of them. This is a wonderful country. When you start to deal with Russians, you can be shocked by many things which may happen to be customary in Russia.

People tend to be inclined to generalization, which is wrong in itself because every person is unique, but still the common traits are easily followed, from which we can conclude that Russians are very cordial and welcoming people.

There are so many things for a foreigner in Russia he could be amazed with. This is the country of contrasts, with the most chic cars every foreigner dreams about, in the streets of Moscow and poverty of country houses at the same time. The cultural heritage is great and Russian spirit penetrates through everything in Russia. Travelling to Russia will surely be a unique experience, which you will remember all your life.

Russia passed through hard period not long ago and its history contains many shocking facts, which may be unclear for the foreigner`s mind, not prepared to accept and digest this info. In the 90-s of the last century, for example, only seven percent of the whole population of the country paid taxes.

The original unique features are expressed in many ways in Russia and they manifest themselves in a number of ways. People are open and sincere with you and this is a usual thing here. They are very hospitable. Once invited to somebody`s home, you will be surprised to see the affluence of tasty delicious things on the table served for you, even if people living here hardly know you. They treat you as a family member. This welcoming hospitality conquers the heart of every foreigner, who comes with fear to Russia and leaves the part of his heart here when leaving this country.

Travelling to RussiaIf you look at people in the street, you will not see them smiling. Every person goes its own way and the radiant smile of the passerby will be perceived with suspicion. People may seem so unhappy to you for this reason, but this is just difference in perceptions. Exceeding cordiality is shown in personal communication between people and not revealed in front of strangers.

Drinking vodka in the kitchen is the usual thing to relax here. This is a special drink so popular here, because winters are so cold in the country, with the temperature below zero. In this case vodka acts like a warming up drink. Vodka in Russia is drunk in a pure way and is not mixed with anything. Endless toasts may drive you crazy, as Russians celebrating something are ready to remember all their distant relatives and friends and drink to their health. Make sure to take pictures if you want to remember anything after such a party the next day!

You will learn extraordinary cuisine while you are in Russia. Such things as caviar, borsch and pancakes will leave full stomachs and pleasant memories of the substantial Russian cuisine.

Russia is a country with old marveling architecture, where the central parts of old cities and towns present one big museum with history in every stone of the place. This original Russian spirit is just felt in the air and cannot be compared with anything else, when you look at the beauty of the mansions, where merchants lived 200 years ago, excellent palaces of unspeakable beauty, where Russian tsars reigned and made their historical decisions, which influenced the country and made it the way it is now: nice, unique, welcoming, diverse, at times threatening with its unpredictability, but certainly an interesting country with its unique traditions and customs, hard to understand for the person from abroad, but he will be forgiving and understanding about all its imperfections because it is the charm that cannot be rejected or forgotten.


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