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Do you want to move to Italy?

Nowadays Italy is one of the most highly developed countries in Europe, where not only the salary is high, but the longevity of life is higher the middle aged Russian. In general an Italian lives on 15-20 years more than a Russian. Maybe it is because if genetics or maybe because of the endless optimism of Italian men.

Italy has the best opera in the world and the most popular songs com from Italy. We should not forget that the most famous architecturers, sculptors and painters come from Italy.Italian cusine is know everywhere in the world, Italian cheese, grapes and wine. Italian football team is also one of the best football players.

Italy has very beautiful environment and every corner of its country is amazingly splendid. There are so many beautiful Italian cities that can be mentioned, that is is even hard to start. Rome, Genya, Milan, Neapol,Venice, Florence, Piza and many other. All of the cities represent a great part of history and culture. For sure there are famous for their saint places and churches, for the pieces of art, sightseeing places.

Italian men are supposed to one of the most attractive and handsome men in the world. They have beautiful faces and he more beautiful real men figures. They like to take care of the appearance and moreover they like sport very much. The Italien personality can be described as passionate, active, hot-tempered, when they talk they use many gestures. They are not mean and cruel, they have a splendid sense of humour, they can dress well, moreover there many good designers in Italy, all of this make them really happy people.

Italien men are Italien. Their love to women is real. There are no such things in Italy as love means hit. They will never offend their woman or even be cruel to her. It means that they love their wife so much, that there are almost no divorces in Italy. Only Italien man can love you passionate, sincerely and the whole heart. It is a tradition of centuries, and that is why the Italien are like this.

Many Russian women find their love among Italien men. Italien men are considered to be not only beautiful but also the best candidates in husbands among the men from all over the world. You can find your true and real love with an Italien man.Italien men are elegant, romantic, kind, artistic, funny, with a wonderful sense of humour,in one word they are loving. They are supposed to be most faithful husbands and the best fathers in the world. They can truly respect women, because their family was the most important for them and the best treasure in the world, not money.

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Do you want to move to Italy?

For sure if you do want to meet your real love then you should pay more attention on Italien men, because among them you can meet your true love and happiness. You just have to wait for a while and after you will get a splendid lover.With an Italien man you will have high chances to create a happy and loving family, where your husband will have all the necessary qualitties to become a splendid father too.

While communication with Italien men you will notice how charming they are, that they always take care about themselves, they are always in a good mood, and it is rare when they are upset. Italien men are always very polite and passionate. They are good listeners, they have high family values, if you have kids believe that it is not a problem for them, it is a source of joy and happiness.
Wish you good luck in searching!

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Main -> Russian Brides Journal -> Do you want to move to Italy?

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