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How to get visa and easily come to Russia

Russia have strict and limited visa regime for foreigners who are going to visit, live or just transit the country. Those foreigners who does not comply to the law and the rules of the country can be subject to arrest, fines or deportation.Even you already departing the country and your visa is expired then you still stay in the country intil you get a permission for departure. There are some types of visas that you can get if you plan to visit Russia, among them are: sponsorship, entry and exit visas, visa registration, transit visa and restricted territories.

So if you plan a trip to Russia you must know that the government will ask you a confirmation of your sponsorhip on the Russian territory, among it can be hotels, touristic agencies, relatives, work or University.Even if you got a touristic visa in US then the Russian laws will still require from you the name and addres of your sponsor on the Russian land. You must find out it before your arrival to Russia otherwise you will have problems at the customs.

Entry visa to Russia may be allowed if you have a valid passport and if you applied the documents into Russian embassy for travelling in this country. If you will try to enter the country without visa you get problems at the customs and that is why you should think about it beforehand. Moreover in your application form there still must be mentioned the purpose of your arrival. According to the Russian law since 2007 all citizens can stay in Russia for 90 days either touristic, work,cultural, business or studying.

Exit visa in Russia have also very strict rules, for example if you stayed in Russia for one more day when your visa is invalid, it can take for 20 days for you to stay and get your permission to leave the country.You will have to live there on your own money and moreover you can have difficulties with getting a hotel and any other accommodation. There are no special shelters or any other help that is suggested by both country sides. In case you lost your passport or if it was stolen you must visit your embassy in Russia for immediate replacement of your passport.

They the traveler should attract his sponsor for getting a new visa.Moreover you have to know that any other services are not able to help you or interfere with such questions.Those travelers you leave the country by train should leave it in their last day of valid visa.

But if he will leave the border of the country after midnight then he might have problems as his visa will be already invalid.

Travellers who stay in Russia for more than 3 days must registrate their visas through their sponsors and if they are staying in the hotel they must also registrate it as their place of living in a migration card. So if you choose not to registrate your short arrival then you have to keep your airplane tickets, hotel bills and any other necessary documents to prove the aim of your arrival in Russia. Moreover you must be ready that Russian policemen have a right to check your documents at any time and everywhere. So for sure you must have all the necessary documents with you.

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How to get visa and easily come to Russia

So if you have to pass Russia on the way to another country then you should have a transit visa for it. You will be suggested to show your given visa by the Embassy or tourist agency even if you just move from the Russian airport to the airport of another country.Russian authorities can forbid you to continue your trip if you don`t have a transit visa.

Those who want to travel to Russian must know that there are some special territories that are closed for visits. So if you will try to visit such places you can be arrested, get a fine or deportation, moreover you must still have a visa to enter the country. Gather all required and necessary information before your trip in case to avoid possible troubles.

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