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How to get visa to Ukraine

Nowadays many people all over the world worry about how to get to Ukraine and what they do need for it.First of all it should be mentioned for everyone that according to the last changes in the Ukraine, this country now has free visa regime for many countries. You must know if you do enter the list or no. So the free visa regime lasts up to 90 days that you can stay in Ukraine and move all over the country free during this time. Among such countries are: Canada,Japan, European Union countries, Norway, Monaco, San Marino, Andorra, Iceland, Swiss Confideration and Liechtenstein. This regime provides Ukrainian invitations for visa processing only when a person of this country made a valid or pre-valid reservation for his travel.

Citizens of US can also stay for free in Ukraine during 90 days without visa regime. The main what is required it is passport that should be valid.If they are going to stay for more than 90 days for studying, for constant living or with any other missions, then they should get a required visa.

You should gather all the necessary documents for your application on getting visa, such documents are required as passport that must be valid for 1 month, your photographs and also documents supporting your visa application.Then you should read about the other types of visas in Ukraine.They are scientific, religious, rescue, student, humanitarian and immigration visas.

To find and download a visa application from any Ukrainian web site is very easy and then you just should apply it in any of the Ukrainian embasses in the US that are located in New York, San-Francisco, Chicago and Washington, DC. You must fill out the application with all the necessary details, including you social security number, your passport number, criminal history and purpose of visit.Dont forget to mention where you are going to stay and what cities you are going to visit in Ukraine.

Citizens of US are free from the necessity to provide invitations for business, private, cultural and sporting or scientific visas.Though the invitations are required for another visa types, for example such as student and humanitarian.You must also pay any fees that are required.For example citizens of US do not pay a visa application fees, if the they need an expedited visa. The cost of the fee depend on the consultate.So in US and in any of its embassy you should pay at least 100$ as a visa fee. What you need then it is just to send the documents to the nearest Ukrainian embassy. You can either visit it or mail your documents.

There are 4 types of visas for Ukraine: transit, tourist, private and business.Transit visa can be allowed only by next documents Ukrainian transit visa, the visa of the country you are going to, travel tickets any any other documents that can provide your travel and stay in the another country.

get visa to Ukraine
How to get visa to Ukraine

Tourist visa can be allowed if you have an invitation from a Ukrainian or American tourist agency or a confirmation from Ukrainian hotel.But the private visa became even more popular for the last time than the touristic visa.You just have to write your name, address of a private person in Ukraine whom you are going to.So this is the only one what is required.

So if you have plans and going to visit Ukraine then you can choose any type of visa that is more comfortable for you. For this purpose you should contact a Ukrainian embassy or a toursit agency in your country.For sure it will take some time to get your visa or documents required for going in Ukraine, so plan your trip beforehand.
If you have any special questions and lack of information about anything, please contact a Ukrainian embassy in your country.

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