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If you are married and have difficulties abroad.

If once you decided to marry a foreigner then it means that you will change your country to another one, and move there as soon as you married. At first you get many wonderful things at once, such as love, home, new impressions, hopes and ideas, and also you get a new place for living.

But you should realize that everywhere except the good things there are also some difficulties can be met. For sure it is not be so easy for you to get use to another country at once, but moreover it will take some time, and for sure you must be ready to face many differences.

First of all that you must realize while moving to another country it is the language that you will speak on everywhere and with local citizens, you have to know the right pronouncation, grammar and many other details, that are intended to help understand another country. Moreover very much depend form the language and for sure be aware that citizens of your new country do also understand you.

You must realize that while getting a new citizenship you get new customs, traditions, new cusine and local food habits, you get inability to meet your relatives and friends, and you will also have to use to new currency. There can be met many other unknown and unusual things to you. And for sure you must be ready for all this, moreover there you will have your beloved who can support you, inspire and stimulate to studying something about and in the new country.

For sure this will give more energy and forces for overcoming the difficulties.
There are many different ways that can help you to use to another country.For example you wan and for sure you need to know more about not only your new country but also about your new city, or to be exactly about the city where you are going to live.So for this you just have to take a bus or a car and just go for a walk, where you can slowly pass by new and unknown places to you, as long and as many times you visit one place the more you will get use to your new location.

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If you are married and have difficulties abroad.

At the very start it will be good to go sightseeing.It will be useful also to get aquainted with local cafes, shops, bars, parks museums and even find new friends.You should never be afraid of it, moreover they will be very interested to know that you are abroad and maybe even suggest help about showing you the suburbs. It will be good if your husband have many friends that he can get aquainted with you, so you could start feel more relaxed and feel a support and friendly atmosphere at a new place.

Try to spend more time with new friends and relatives, try to go out together, because this will help you to learn more about the city.

Your weekends try to spend also out of the house and you can even take an excursion somewhere or just go sightseeing.What will help you to feel like at home is a homy cosy and comfortable space. You can put pictures of your family and relatives there, you can put some souvenirs or just put things around that remind you about your home. If you do still feel not comfortable them maybe you should change the decoration and the design of the house or even one room.You can change the wallpapers, the floor or put new curtains.

For sure you get a lot of new positive energy and moreover if copy the design of your previous home, you feel there twice more comfortable and happy, this will help you greatly to use to a new place.

If you need to stay in touch and feel always a connection with your family, now we live in a modern world and have wonderful opportunities for it.For example you can communicate with your friends and family in networking sites or bloges, through email and just by internet, you have endless opportunities for it.

Moreover you will always feel they are near and this will give more strength and power.

Believe in yourself and in your success, only by this way you will overcome all the difficulties on your way!

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