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Good looks is not a guarantee of success

Dating online is easily said than done. It is a long way to the goal you are trying to get - to find the mate or the second half or just an interesting companion. Russian women are attracted by the men from abroad for many reasons. First of all, this is because the prince from the far-away country always seems more attractive than the one who lives next door to you.

The factor of mystery you want to unveil seems very alluring to ladies. There is an aura of mystery around them. Being different from the local men, they present huge interest for the Russian beauties. It can be hard to hack into the brain of the girl from Russia, but it does not require extra abilities to determine the main things all Russian ladies are after.

Every lady is surely unique, but still some common traits unite them all. First of all, they are family-oriented. They prefer family and kids to career and independency. Taking this into account, women expect from men a desire for the family creation. This factor seems to be leading in the list of required qualities. Many young couples just cohabitate, but Russian women prefer to have a usual marriage and normal family with kids.

They think that if the man goes to the foreign country for the bride he should have serious intentions, therefore ladies in Russia like to date foreigners.

The difference in male and female psychologies is a common knowledge. Men and women consequently experience difference in perception of the world around us. Different backgrounds contribute to confusion. It can be hard to understand each other even if you speak the same language to say nothing about the language barrier and cultural diversities.

Russian ladies are tender, affectionate and do everything possible to take care about the family. They expect the same from their men. During the research it was revealed that women are attracted by warriors, who are ready to protect the family. This instinct is from the past, when it was vital for the protection of the family to have a strong man beside.

This sense of security is important for all women. They have to feel it to be comfortable. And though there is a trend in mass media to push the image of the man with feminine features, so called metro-seksual male, the love for the typical honorable warrior is deeply rooted inside every woman.

This is especially strong here in Russia, where man still remains a leader in the family, probably not because women are not able to provide themselves or solve hard problems. Women just let them be because they want to see strong protector at the head of the family.

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Good looks is not a guarantee of success

There is much talk about the financial interest of women when dating foreign men. Nobody wants to be used and to feel like a means of receiving certain benefit, but this also has to do with women`s necessity for security. She is a future mother and has to take care of the family. And family will do much better when provided. This concern just proves that she will do it well.

So you should not panic when the lady shows her interest to your salary or bank account. She may probably just think about happy future with you, not because she has a consuming attitude.

Men sometimes may think that ladies want perfect figures with biceps on arms and fashionable looks. But this is a delusion, because women consider other factors important. You may spend hours in the gym, thinking that it is a guarantee for success with women, but your dream lady may prefer another man.

Just remember that perfect figure does not guarantee you a lady you wish. The desired effect may bring security and feeling of comfort together with you. The key point is not about deep pockets and great looks, but how you make your chosen lady feel.

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Main -> Russian Brides Journal -> Good looks is not a guarantee of success

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