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Marriage abroad. Pluses and minuses.

Before you decide to marry a foreigner and move to another country for constant living, you should know about this country as much as possible. You have to realize how important it is.

What you have to know first of all about another country it is an economic, political and social situation in the country.Then you have to know how do people live in this country and what attitude they do have to the foreigners.It is also important to know what religion is in the country where you are going to move, and what role it plays in the society.You must know the rights and the opportunities that are allowed to people in this country and what is the most important you have to know as much as possible about the person that you are going to live together.

All the details and information will help you to get an imagination and expectation of what is waiting for you there and what life you will have.Sometimes those who are going to marry don`t get a lot of information when they are going to another country, such people sometimes think that still wont be worse if they move there. But in reality it is bad to have such an opinion and it is possible to meet difficulties and get into worse situation than in your own country.

First of all you have to understand that knowledge of the foreign language and especially of the country where you are going to move will be a great advantage for you. If you don`t know it for sure it will be difficult for you to get use to everything and moreover the first is difficult that you will meet is comprehension between you and citizens of another country, evewhere you will meet a language barrier that can bother you greatly. For sure you can go and study at some course in another country and study the language, but you should realize that is will be not cheap and everything you will have to study is mostly taught on the local language.So it will be much better for you to start and finish special courses of foreign languages in your country, first of all you will easily understand everything because the main material will be given to your on your own native language and moreover it will be cheaper for you.

The second important thing is to know the financial state of your future wife or husband, because of this detail depend many other factors of life.For example according to this you can realize will you need to work abroad or no, will you allow yourself to study and pay for education there, will you have any doubts or credits together with you spouse and so on.You should agree that this is the most important that you have to know and according to this your life can have many different directions.

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Marriage abroad. Pluses and minuses.

Then you must take to consideration another important fact. You have to know that abroad there are no free medicine left as in many other Russian countries, that is why people used to take a medical insurance, in case if something happen to them. The insurance over all your expenses and give you an opportunity to have a treatment at a doctor and not to overpay. But if your husband or wife is not financial enough to support you with it, then you will be left without any medical help there.

Moreover to avoid many negative details that you can forget to mention while getting married, then you should obviously sign a marriage contact that will support you and protect you and your property in case of a divorce.But if your second half refuses to sign it, then you should think about it twice is that the right person that you chose for your further life.

So if you will take to consideration all these factors, if you will discuss them and realize for yourself what you need and what you are looking for, then only in this case you can have a long and happy marriage.But before it think about all the details beforehand, remember the well-know proverb: "Score twice before you cut once".

We wish you good luck and try, search and find the best for you!

Marriage abroad

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Main -> Russian Brides Journal -> Marriage abroad. Pluses and minuses.

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