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Miss World 2008! Kseniya Sukhinova

Tyumen, Siberia - is a wonderful old little town located on the Tura River. Can`t imagine, but bears, don`t walk here on the streets, nobody wears babushkas, caps with ear-flaps and plays balalaika.

It`s an ordinary industrial city, like yours and mine. The difference is that here, 21 year ago, on august 26 - a nice baby was born. Those times, no one would even imagine that that girl will glorify Russia.

A lot of time had past. Now she`s a gorgeous woman. Her name is Kseniya Sukhinova. She is new Miss World 2008.

Kseniya wasn`t an ordinary girl. As a beautiful one - was always in the centre of attention. From childhood, she was found of sports like gymnastics and biathlon. Played in local fashion theatre, was a studious pupil. She was always in a motion.
She is in motion till now. By the age of 21 - she achieved a lot, scored great success. Need to say, that she worked hard and is working now.

Kseniya Sukhinova has a lot of titles: "Miss Oil and Gas", "Miss Image-2005", "Miss Russia" and now - "Miss World 2008". But she earns it.

If you have seen her photos - you must be fallen in love with her. Because, 99% of men in the world have fantasies and desires for that incredible, gorgeous young lady. So, if you are reading this article, you belong to that number of men too.

Attention! Closed information only for site visitors! The heart of young beautiful - is still vacant. Because of the lack of time. Ksenia works a lot as a model, in one of the world`s best agencies, called- "Point". Photo sessions, meetings, presentations, study - also takes a lot of time. Now, she has a contract as Miss World 2008. It means, this year, she needs to travel around the world with different charity missions. But don`t be depressed, you still have all the chances to win the heart of beauty.

miss world 2008Ksenia says that wonderful, neat figure, she has from mom, dad give her inquiring mind. Her height is 178 meters long. The measurements are 83-60-91. Just imagine! It`s a paradise on the earth!

miss world 2008
Miss World 2008! Kseniya Sukhinova

She is going for sports like swimming, skies, badminton. It helps to build a slim figure, to keep fit, to be attractive for the man.

Sukhinova is also trying to support good mental faculties. Reads a lot, for example, prefer Russian classical literature, and favorite writer is Dostoevsky. This year, she is graduated from Tyumen State University of oil and gas.

She prefers Italian and Spanish cuisine. Says, needs no diets, can eat some meat dumplings, called pelmeni (Russian traditional food), even in late evening. That won`t make her bad.

Kseniya Sukhinova was wonderful that day, on December 13, 2008, in Johannesburg, South Africa. Amazing purple designer`s dress fits her slim body tightly. And her blue, deep eyes glow with success.

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