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The study of mysterious Russian women soul

Russian women. Who are they? What do we know about mysterious Russian soul? Why does Western man admired and prefer to marry them? What's the secret?

You Can't define all the qualities in 2-3 words. You will find thousands of them. Let's have a good look at the most significant and determinative. Hope, this will help you to understand some reasons better.

1. Russian women are beautiful. It's a well-known fact. They are born astonishingly gorgeous. The secret is in the mix of European and Asian bloods. The result of that mix you consider pretty - high cheekbones, oval faces, soft features, light - colored skin, green, blue or grey eyes and blond-brown thick, long hair. The beauty exposed also in appeal, charm, refinement, elegance. But the determinative thing is femininity.

2. Russian women have more, than Western woman hormone called an estrogen, which makes them well-proportioned, more feminine and plastic. That's the fact too. The nature gives them pear-shaped figure, which means wide hips and slender waist. They are trying also to keep fit: not to eat much or to keep to a diet.

3. Russian women are so called "well-groomed". They really want to be beautiful and attractive for men. That's why they are trying to be sensual and attentive to fashion trends, to go to the stylists and spend the last money on nice and expensive clothes or manicure. Russian women prefer stand out for others, loves all impressive: bright colors, luxury, gold, silver and furs. It's the heritage of Asian bloods and Russian traditions.

4. Russian women are intelligent, smart and well-read persons. Statistics says, that 90%! of the women registered in internet date sites have higher educations, 12% - even have two higher degrees. Many are professionals.

Now, it's in fashion to have higher education, a well-paid job and to make a career. Many prefer to be independent, hard-working, resourceful and to rely on themselves.

But still, Russian women are family-oriented persons. They are bred from little girls to be loving and devoted wives to their husbands, to give birth to the children, to keep house. They do not fight for equal rights and never get abused when men open the door for them or pay in the restaurant for both persons. In comparison with western ladies, who are fond of the new tendency called feminism.

5. Can't mention, that Russian people are very spiritual. It's the legacy of Orthodox Church and its traditions. The mercy, charity, kindness, forgiveness, tenderness - It's in the Russian women hearts and mentality. That's why they are always ready to listen and help, love children and husbands, have respect for elder people. That's why Russian women are so sacrificial and spiritually strong individuals. No secret that their strength is in their weakness.

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The study of mysterious Russian women soul

6. Russian women are enigmatic. They attract, excite and charm. The mystery is in their nature, eyes, smiles which appeared to radiate from the heart and soul. It's the riddle you have to guess. You can spend a whole lifetime not find the answer.

russian women in banya7. Women are emotional, that makes them live long. They need to tell news that happened that day, sometimes to take offence or scream. But after that, became the same - loving and tender. Feel, the omission - is they do not smile and laughing a lot. It may seem that woman exists in their own world, but it`s a question of mystery. And all are not merry that dance lightly.
Russian women are very affectionate, always holding boyfriend`s hand in public, rubbing loving shoulders. They don`t afraid to show their emotions when they love or hate.

8. At the same time, they are very poised and well bred. Always displaying excellent deportment and manners. It is the heart, and upbringing of the Russian women.

To marry the other culture woman is a ride on a roller coaster. But, all bread is not baked in one oven. The trek to true happiness is worth any risk. More over, when we talking about love. Because love, happiness and faithfulness have always been the most precious values in life, and there is no difference which way you get them. Actions speak louder than words.

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