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A relationship or a trophy?

Some men just do not know what they need. They have a number of requirements to the ladies they choose. But what is the priority? What is the choice of man based on, while choosing a woman as a mate?

Much research has been done on the subject. The results of the recent one were really shocking! Can you guess what it revealed?

There is nothing surprising in it. You can see it every day. While ladies tend to prefer more financially secure men, men prefer to have a stunning beauty beside to be proud of and to show to the friends and relatives. Just like a trophy.

What is interesting about it, is that many women do not mind to be such. They have nothing to offer but beauty. In this connection it is worth remembering the famous letter of the American gold-digger, a marvelous beauty of 25, looking for husband with revenue more than $500K a year.

In her desire to snug a husband, she addressed people over the net and asked for an advice how to make a good deal and marry the man with the above mentioned income. One Wall Streeter (the potential loot with the desired sum of money) answered her back using financial terms, and said that it was a "crappy business deal." He called her an asset losing value with time, while his bank account would only grow. There is much to learn from this story, do you agree?

When men fill in the form for the online dating site, all express the desire to have a calm and pleasant lady as a wife, she should have agreeable nature to become a tender mother in the future. Sharpness in manners is not welcome. But as soon as he starts to communicate with ladies, the ones he prefers are bright beauties, who seem to have just run away from the fashion show catwalk! No matter how clever the girl is, even if she has a heart of gold, she will all the same lose when competing with the beauty, who is ready to face all the hardships of life, making eyes at men!

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A relationship or a trophy?

Men seem to be expecting such a behavior and eagerly support the game. But life is far more complicated than flirting stage. If man is looking for the model appearance, then he should bear in mind that he is not alone. As a rule the woman of bright looks knows that she is desired by so many men. Being aware of her own appeal, she is regularly more concentrated on herself and her own needs. Women who are not so bright tend to be more loving and caring.

Appearance is a temporary thing. With time all have wrinkles and faded looks. This is the reality. Even if you try to keep fit and try your best to keep beauty with the help of plastic surgery, all the same age will be triumphant in this battle after all. But the personality will remain. There are more important things, which will outlast hot bodies and model looks and you will have to decide what path to follow.

Men are easily seduced and the attention is easily distracted by extravagant long-legged female passing by. Whom should you choose to be completely happy? You can pursue the dream to combine two ladies in one for the whole life, changing ladies, and you can find the girl to your heart, probably not so bright, but faithful and devoted. She will become the soul of the family and no bright blondie will ever replace her. You are to decide whether you need a relationship or a trophy?

If you need a trophy, then just put up with the fact that it will not make your life happy, just the same way as some rarity in your collection of things.

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