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Are the diamonds the best friends of Russian women or Olympic medals?

Hottest Russian women are competing in Vancouver for medals which will suit them so nicely! Merilyn Manroe remained in the past with her eagerness to have shining diamonds.

Modern Russian women prefer different success - victory at the Olympics!

It brings success, money and recognition. Besides, all men are ready to pile you with precious stones so gold medals are a priority!

The success of Anna Bogaliy-Titovets on Tuesday, who received her diploma on economics with honors not long ago, and now is a leading sportsman in biathlon, only proves again that Russian women are talented in everything! Anna seems to hit all targets both in sport and in usual life.

Russian women - the biathletes won the 4-6 km relay and brought one more gold medal to Russia! What can be better than girls who shoot from the rifle?

The biathlon female team also includes Svetlana Sleptsova who made no mistakes during the relay, Olga Zaitseva and Olga Medvedtseva The athletic prowess of the ladies and cute looks heat up men throughout the world.

Hottest Russian women with shining beauty really deserved the shine of the gold Olympic medals!

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sport russian women
sport russian women

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