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Russian women conquer hearts and Olympic medals in Vancouver 2010!

It is known to all that sport is healthy, but when we do not do sports ourselves and run to the television screens during the Olympics, this is not only excitement we follow. Sport is cute and the girls performing crazy things when the whole world is watching them are very hot!

By the way, the American portal the Bleacher report revealed 25 hottest girls who arrived to the Olympic Games in Vancouver.

They came there to conquer medals, but it does not matter whether they receive them or not they have conquered already men's hearts! Russian women also entered the list.

All admitted that Russian curler Liudmilla Privivkova is a very hot girl. Her appearance attracted many men during the Olympic Winter Games in Turin but since that time she has become even more beautiful.

One more lady who entered the list is a skater Ekaterina Lobysheva and another girl with Slavic roots Aliona Savchenko presents Germany in Vancouver. Slavonic routes are impossible to hide.

Even abroad Russian women shine like stars.

There are a lot of girls of Russian origin abroad now.

They had to emigrate in search of better financial conditions.
There are over 50,000 in Vancouver, over 80,000 in Toronto and over 40,000 in Montreal. These are just several examples from Canada (the most popular destination for independent immigrants).

Russian women are much closer to West now and as Baltic countries joined the Shengen area, it is much easier for European men to meet with them. Though many ladies have Western lifestyle, the Slavic warmth is deeply rooted in the character of Russian women.

To tell the truth, the top hottest ladies, mentioned above is not full. Many nice Russian women did not enter it. This is very strange because they are incredibly attractive!

Oksana Domnina is a very beautiful figure-skater. She represents Russia at the Olympic games and the sparkle in her eyes is something that almost all Russian women possess!

Besides, there are 175 other girls from Russia who arrived in Vancouver in pursue of Olympic Games and many of them are very good-looking. It is very exciting to watch the performance they arrange and amazing alluring curves attract more and more audience from all over the world!


russian women
russian women

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