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Secret power of pheromones

When foreigner comes to Russia he is just amazed at the beauty of Russian brides and the way they look and try to be charming every day. It seems for them that Russian brides dress to work as if they go to some party and use perfumes to smell nicely.

We all deliver some hormonal scent signals to the opposite gender. They help us to find the perfect mate. Some Russian brides are ready to waste money on some mysterious formula in the perfume, which will help to conquer the heart of the man she wants.

It is like a miracle. If girl looks at the man and says: "I want him to be mine", all her dreams can come true as soon as she takes out the perfume bottle, sprinkles some of it on herself, then comes up to him and the work is done! The same dreams have foreigners who come to Russia to meet Russian brides.

They want to look their best and certainly try to involve all means available for them. There is much talk about some magic work of pheromones and powerful effect it has upon the opposite gender.

This myth is eagerly supported by perfume companies, which boost their sales thanks to it. The popularity of the idea is supported by people looking for the way to be more appealing. After all this is what we need - to be liked by the opposite gender.

They imagine how they pass by and heads of all men or women turn to look at them because they have a secret weapon of pheromones, but nobody understands it as all happens on subconscious level. Russian brides are also involved in this craze as they pay much attention to the way they look. They carefully follow fashion trends and try not to fall behind the times even when the budget is poor.

Russian brides try their best and one can feel the alluring smell of perfume during the day, meeting women on the way going to work or just shopping. This seems strange for some foreigners who think that make-up and the way they dress suits more party occasions, but it seems that Russian brides are always armed with the charm weapon and they add even more to such a stunning cocktail.

This is something that drives men crazy - sweet scent of perfume, which promises only the best future with this woman and being in the seventh heaven to the end of his days.

And this is what really happens when foreign men marry Russian brides!


russian brides
russian brides

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