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What type of visa to choose

The borders exist to divide people from different countries, to separate the native people from migrants. The Internet is probably the biggest border keeper`s enemy because it breaks down these frames and connects people from the whole world.

After people fall in love with each other via the Internet they meet lots of problems and questions. The main problem or issue is visas, which one to choose, how to complete the application form, how to deal with most of it.

This article won`t answer all your questions, but at least it will guide you in the visa maze.

If neither of you have met each other anywhere before there are no questions, a Russian bride to be should firstly apply for a general visitor visa to visit her male partner in his native country. Even if you feel you are madly in love with each other and are ready to say "yes" for your entire life, the border agency is of a different opinion. One partner has to come to visit the other in the country which they both are going to live. It makes sense because you really need to see each other "in action" before you make the decision about marriage.

If the Russian bride to be has been visited already by her partner in Russia or anywhere else but she hasn`t been to see her partner`s country which they will live in, you have to think about the best type of visa thoroughly. If you feel certain about your relationship you can apply for a fiancee visa but in this case you should be aware about some pitfalls. The most difficult part here is that you need to give as much evidence of your personal contact and meetings as possible, you need to prove that your relationship is genuine and you are both ready for marriage (because that`s what the fiancee visa leads to). You need to prove that you have had enough time to develop your relationship. It`s a tough task though because logic says that the bride needs to know her partner`s family, his country, his culture before she can even think about marrying him so therefore she has to visit his country at least once. That`s why we would recommend you to go for a general visitor visa. On the border you might be asked if you are visiting a boyfriend or a friend. The answer is up to you, but you should consider two facts: if you will say "boyfriend" they might think you are going to try to stay in the country illegally and may deny you entry (unless your speech will be disarming). If you will say "friend" it will make sense because you can`t really name someone "fiance" until you know him completely and see him in his natural circumstances. Whatever you will go for make sure you will sound genuine and logical. With the general visitor visa you can stay for the period of time you have been granted in the Immigration Card.

If the Russian bride has visited her partner in his country and didn`t break the terms of her stay in the country, you can definitely apply for the fiance visa. But it`s only if you decide you are ready to tie yourself up to your partner. If you are not sure, don`t rush, apply for the general visitor visa again, you will be able to come into the country as a visitor again, in some countries it is for a maximum of six months during any 12 month period, check with that particular countries border agency or immigration. However if you have broken the terms for the first visit (for instance stayed for a couple of moths instead of couple of weeks) most likely you will be refused if you will apply for the general visitor visa. In this situation you have to apply for the fiancee visa with a full explanation of why you stayed for longer than you intended. It would be helpful to explain that the reason was to try to develop the relationship, rather than just to travel around the country.

When applying for any type of visa, remember, they want to see a genuine relationship. As long as your feelings towards your partner are sincere, don`t worry, they won`t put a fly in your ointment.


general visitor visa
general visitor visa

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